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Where entrepreneurial students accelerate their startup careers.

We connect founders with ambitious students looking to develop their skills and add value to innovative startups.

How it works.

Students Apply To Our Platform
We consider skills, interests, learning goals, among other criteria, curating students with the potential to make a large impact.
Startups Bring Us Projects
Whether it’s software development, marketing, graphic design, or something else- we have students with the skills to get any job done.
We Make Impactful Connections
Within 1-2 weeks of receiving a project, our team delivers a personalized list of interested students looking to proactively add value to the startup.
You Foster Supportive Relationships
Once the perfect match is made, startups and students get to work. Our students will help get stuff done, and our startups will help them develop key problem-solving skills.

Cultivating the founders of the future

Fueling Entrepreneurial Students
Learn how to build companies while helping build companies.
Empowering Heroic Thinkers
Students help founders solve hard problems, founders help students develop their problem-solving skills.
Supporting Innovative Startups
Impactful missions deserve impactful talent.

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